Hafele Corona Series Hob

Indian cooking is like a painting – there are as many flavours on an Indian platter as there are colours on a canvas. Each cuisine fuses together with unique recipes, traditional spices and the individual touch of the cooking artist. This makes every Indian dish different from the other and the cooking treatment demands the same diversity.

It is this unique combination of diversity and complexity of Indian Cooking that forms the Inspiration for Hafele’s Corona Series Hobs. Through this range, we have decoded the science of Indian cooking and introduced the most ideal cooking equipment that can support, enhance and inspire the culinary art of India!

The quintessential Indian currys and tadkas are done best on the wok (known as kadai) and are most enjoyed with the flat Indian Chapatis which are done on a flat Indian pan (called tawa). Very often the conventional hob flames either support the rounded bottom of a kadai (wok) or else spread out flat under a pan – there are no burners in the market today that can adapt to the type of cooking vessel that is placed on them.

In order to handle such varied patterns of Indian cooking, our Corona Series hobs are engineered with special burners whose flames adapt to a wok by centring maximum heat at the rounded portionof the wok to allow for seamless blending of the spices and seasoning in the oil. Alternately the same flame adjusts effortlessly under a flat pan used for making chapatis, offering ideal heat distribution to the base of the pan. It is this unique feature that makes the Corona Series Hobs a fitting range for Indian Cooking.

… So let’s dive into the many facets of this cooking miracle that will change the face of Indian cooking!

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